James William Awad, known professionally as Senior, just dropped his third album, Ostrogoth, Pt. 1. Inspired by events that occurred on January 5, 2022, Senior’s newest album includes 15 tracks with featured artists including Rick Ross, Lil Baby, Gucci Mane, YK Osiris, and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie. The album, which was available on August 5, 2022, was produced by one of the world’s top record producers, ATL Jacob. Senior has already seen record-breaking numbers of listeners flooding the Spotify platform, listening to his new tracks – over 338k listeners gained in only 10 days.

The album’s name comes from the Canadian Prime Minister calling Senior and a group of passengers partying on a plane to Mexico “Ostrogoths.” Using the Ostrogoths as his muse, Senior would write an entire album named after some of the greatest barbarians of the Roman Era. The success of the album has taken the Prime Minister’s words and allowed Senior to use them to further advance his career within the music industry. He is already in the process of working on his fourth album release, Ostrogoth, Pt. 2, which will feature Gunna, Lil Keed, Nav, and 42 Dugg, which has already been recorded, with ATL Jacob producing.

One of the song collaborations on Ostrogoth, Pt. 1, “Patrona,” features Rick Ross and is one of the top four streaming songs on Senior’s playlist with 42k listeners. The song begins with Senior, who, in part of the first verse, raps:

“Order a bottle of Belaire, just in case I’m counting bands with Ricky. I just signed a deal, oh my god, enough to buy my city.”

Rick Ross comes in on the second verse:

“Rolls Royce stars in the ceilin’ flyin’ saucer. Brand new black Ferrari, so you know it’s time to boss up. Private jet to Vegas, you’re not dealin’ with imposters.”

“Patrona” is a three-minute and nine-second song featuring both Senior and Rick Ross, but it is not the only collaboration on the album. Fans can listen to Senior’s new album and hear “Come Up” featuring Lil Baby (245k listeners), “She’s Like” featuring YK Osiris (5k listeners), “CEO” featuring Gucci Mane (81k listeners), and “Judge Me” featuring A Boogie Wit da Hoodie (209k listeners). 

Senior also includes a track inspired by the real-life events, entitled “Ostrogoth”, where he lets everyone (including the airline and the Prime Minister) that he is moving on and moving up:

“Now, forget the mess. My money making money, money making money fast.”

As an entrepreneur and musical artist, Senior knows that in order to succeed in any industry, he has to use his experiences to provide truth to his art. The philosophy has worked for Senior thus far, with Ostrogoth, Pt. 1 already soaring after its release a few weeks ago with 37k playlist adds in under a week – proving the point that you can draw inspiration from any experience and turn it into a path that will reap rewards.