I highly recommend the new song as well as the music video for “Bandz” by hip hop musician Chelly Flame on Babygrande Records to all sexy-trap music fans out there. It’s fair to predict that “Bandz” will become the new strip club anthem of 2022. You can watch the song’s official music video on YouTube right now:

The song begins with a pleasant trap beat and a memorable synth line. Right from the start of the song, Chelly Flame amazes the audience with their remarkable talent and prowess without wasting any time.

Given that she can compete on an equal basis with musicians who have already achieved success in the rap genre, it is clear that this musician has some serious talent. One of my all-time favorite quotes is “I make you feel I want you then I leave you, that’s my old trick.”

About 40 seconds into the song, the first line begins singing, and it conveys all that needs to be said. One of my favorite phrases is “if all we have is time, then explain to me why you’re rushing?”

The catchy chorus comes after the verse, and although I can hear considerable power in Chelly Flames’ voice, it is also quite easy to listen to and is in no way intrusive.

But the song’s rhythm and melody are also well composed, and when they work together they bring out the best in the voices. Unquestionably, the mixing and mastering were completed to a high quality.

This song has all the ingredients for success and ought to have no issue topping the charts. I have no trouble imagining that millions of people all across the globe would like this music. She has a certain way of delivering the lines over the tune that I enjoy and find to be quite effective.

Even when played again, this song is easy to listen to and highly appealing. In addition, she does a flawless job of delivering each line. The way that everything interacts is excellent. However, it’s not the end of the tale since we should also discuss the official music video here (see above). This song video features Chelly Flame looking hot in a range of gorgeous outfits along with some amazing drone-shot images. Additionally, the music fits each scene in the movie well.

It’s fun to watch the video with this music playing in the background while doing so. The film’s director and editor, Jack Rottier, also deserves recognition. Kai Goh, a drone videographer, did a fantastic job on each shot.

I can only recommend that you listen to Chelly Flame’s brand-new song, “bands,” and that you ensure that you follow her on all of her social media sites for all of the above reasons. For further details about Chelly, see the following link:


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