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Budah The Rueger, known to the world as Swag God, is a Bronx born, Harlem raised drill rapper from Edenwald Projects with many influences including Method Man, Notorious B.I.G., Max B and his favorite artist Tupac Shakur. 

Swag God comes out the gate with his own sound, high energy and unique flow to every track he raps on. He’s extremely diverse and gives each song exactly what it needs.

He’s totally engulfed and hands on in the process of his music and sound by mixing and mastering. He also sits through the production process to make sure that his sound is effective and efficient. 

His diversity also allows him to be able to dominate other styles of rap such as, Jersey Drill, U.K. Drill, Trap and Boom Bap. 

With such diversity he exudes versatility and the ability to touch other genres of music such as R&B, Dancehall, Afro-Beat, Rock and Heavy Metal. In his latest release “RnB Doo Da Dooh”, he remixes his original “TikTok” cessation, “Doo Da Dooh”, by adding a Drill and RnB twist. Swag God has a little something for everyone, as time will tell when he becomes a household name. Stay tuned for Swag God and his team Megahertz… 

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