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Stacy Schlagel is the owner and operator of Regal Recordings. A passionate singer, Stacy spends 

a majority of her time writing music. “Music is everywhere, in all things. The air, the ocean, waves, and rain.” Schlagel writes and produces all of her songs. Stacy says, “If you love what you are doing, nothing can stop you.”

Stacy’s recent single is a song written and produced with Corey Chorus called “HATE’A,” an empowering anthem that encourages us to stay positive when faced with adversity. Stacy shares her experience of feeling “hated-on” for being different in life. Pushing through her pain, she turned it into a source of motivation. Schlegel’s message? Know who you are – never let anyone stand in your way or break your spirit. Stacy reminds us, “Never ever stop shining to make someone else feel okay.”

Stacy Schlagel believed in herself when others didn’t. “I only compete with myself, so I don’t have competition. I do the best I can do and don’t really worry about competition because there isn’t anyone like me,” Stacy says. With a secret project coming up, Schlagel is looking forward to working and growing her brand daily. 

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