In a groundbreaking announcement on behalf of Now Hip Hop Magazine, Entranced has been named Company of the Year, heralding a significant moment for the intersection of hip hop culture and the cannabis community. This accolade is a testament to Entranced’s innovative approach to uplifting the cannabis community through its pioneering technology and community engagement efforts. As a hip hop publication, it’s our honor to support a company that not only cares about the community but also actively contributes to its positive evolution.

Hip hop and cannabis have shared a deep and enduring connection for decades, with both cultures advocating for freedom of expression, social justice, and community upliftment. Entranced’s recognition at the Now Hip Hop Awards underscores the company’s alignment with these core values and its commitment to fostering a safe, informed, and inclusive cannabis culture.

Entranced has made waves with its proprietary Cyclone Technologies, a suite of patented penetration technologies designed to revolutionize the way consumers experience cannabis. By harnessing the power of biology, chemistry, and physics, Cyclone Technologies ensure rapid uptake of cannabis, allowing users to precisely control their dosage and experience. This level of control is crucial for both recreational and medical users, ensuring safety and efficacy in cannabis consumption.

The Cyclone Micro Dry-Misting Technology exemplifies Entranced’s commitment to innovation. This technology delivers micro-sized cannabis particulates directly to the sublingual artery and cheek blood vessels, offering a fast-acting, pleasant, and non-oily experience. Unlike traditional methods, this dry-mist oral spray provides an onset of action within minutes, setting a new standard for convenience and discretion in cannabis use.

For those seeking targeted musculoskeletal relief, Entranced’s Cyclone Transdermal Penetration Technology offers a groundbreaking solution. This technology efficiently transports cannabis through the skin to deep tissue, providing relief with minimal cerebral impact. It’s a game-changer for medical consumers in need of effective, localized treatment without the psychoactive effects commonly associated with cannabis.

Moreover, Entranced’s Cyclone Edible Uptake Technology redefines the edible cannabis experience. Moving away from the conventional gummy base, which can delay the absorption of cannabis, Entranced utilizes a chocolate base that enhances absorption and ensures a quicker, more controlled experience. This technology addresses the common issue of delayed uptake and the risk of overconsumption, offering a safer and more enjoyable edible experience.

Beyond its technological advancements, Entranced is deeply committed to community outreach, leveraging Entranced TV as a platform to educate, entertain, and inspire the cannabis community. Through a mix of engaging content and opportunities for leaders in the cannabis space to share their vision, Entranced TV plays a pivotal role in promoting a positive and informed cannabis culture.

As a publication rooted in hip hop culture, we recognize the importance of supporting companies that truly care about community upliftment. Entranced’s innovative approach to cannabis consumption, combined with its dedication to community engagement, makes it a deserving recipient of the Now Hip Hop Awards Company of the Year. In celebrating Entranced, we celebrate the ongoing synergy between hip hop and cannabis, two cultures that continue to inspire and influence each other towards greater heights of creativity, freedom, and social justice.