Welcome to Now Hip Hop™, the premier source for everything related to the art and culture of Hip Hop. The NHH™ brand consists of a subscription-based print Magazine, 24/7 Radio Network, an independent record label catering to the global Hip Hop community, an online television podcast, and a film and photography agency for cinema, high fashion, and modeling. It is our hope and strongest desire to provide the Hip Hop community with a one-stop shop for all the needs of the fans of the Hip Hop scene and, most notably, aspiring artists the world over.

Our mission has expanded to not only promote and support the careers of our artists but also to go a step further by providing resources to those who wish to succeed not just in music but in life as a whole. What sets us apart from the rest is that we are committed to the success and wellbeing of the members that bring new life and direction to the community we call hip hop. Since our inception, we have seen firsthand the struggles and strife our artists go through on a daily basis and we wish to offer them and our fans access to resources that can reduce the pressures of daily life. We strongly believe that having alternatives and back up plans can make life as artists easier and give peace of mind. Therefore, while we provide services to our artists on the business end of the entertainment business, we wish to give back to the community as a whole by providing resources for self help, personal enrichment, and enlightenment.

Whether you are a connoisseur of Hip Hop music and culture, are already one of the established artists in the community, or are just getting started with your music career, Now Hip Hop™ is here to not only help advance the careers of our impassioned artists that have reached out to us. We are also here to provide a platform for the fans to get informed and to hear the latest music and get acquainted with what’s hot in the underground music scene.

As our website continues to become one of the most popular Hip Hop websites in the United States , we would like to show our visitors that we are much more than just a website! We have a dedicated team of people working behind the scenes everyday to continue to expand our services to aspiring artists and to move beyond into new and exciting territories as well. From publishing and broadcasting to running an independent record label with a photography and film studio, we are committed to bringing our combined years of experience to the culture, community, and the artists that make it all happen.

We do it because: We love what we do! We are artists helping artists and connecting them to our fans!

More than just music!

Our listener base, viewers, and readers know that at NHH™, it is not only about the music. We encompass all aspects of the Hip Hop community, including sports, movies, trivia, and gossip. When an artist is interviewed on one of our radio shows or in our magazine, it does not matter if the artist is platinum or independent; we treat all artists with the same level and quality of respect and attention! We dive into the story behind the music to help inspire and uplift our audience and the culture. Remember, at Now Hip Hop™, we are the fans! We are the artists helping other artists! We are passionate about the culture and the scene! We are on the beat! We are at the forefront of all the breaking news! We are Now Hip Hop™!

To sum up nowhiphop.com, we are a company that provides promotional opportunities to the aspiring artist. We combine strategy and passion behind helping market, brand, and expose the artist to a greater audience while enhancing the image of every artist that we serve. We move beyond the entertainment industry to help the community as a whole by providing access to services and support networks to help low income communities around the country.

 We mean business!

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