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What continues to motivate our team to spend countless hours and resources to provide you this platform is simple; we love helping aspiring artists! We provide a totally commercial free platform for the aspiring artist to share their music and also their journey of how they became the artists they are today. We are not only able to create quality content by exploring the lives and minds of the artist. We also give them a platform that no other media outlet will. This has proven to be a major success, as our listeners the world over enjoy tuning in everyday to listen to inspirational stories of hope, motivation, and success along with great new music. There is no other platform that creates the unique content that Now Hip Hop™ does and this is exactly why our listening base continues to grow and because of our original content, our listening base is as loyal and passionate about our brand as we are. NowHipHop.com is a community; a community that begins with you.